Student Leadership Positions – Week 1 Homework


All senior unit students will get the opportunity to apply for leadership positions within the school, unit or their class.

Below is a list of what you are able to apply for. All students need to apply for at least one position.

Junior School Council – A very important and responsible position within the school. Roles include being a voice for your grade to share student ideas, looking after the friendship garden, visiting Majory Cole, organising bins, etc.

House Captain – Another important role which will require students to organise teams for school sports, promote fair play during school sports and play times, run lunch time activities, speak in front of large audiences and collect house points.

Environmentalist – This role will require students to look after the school’s vegetable garden and be leaders by showing the school community how to respect and care for schools environment.

ICT monitor –…

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Senior Unit Work Expectations


Below is a list of work expectations that need to be followed by all senior unit students at LRPS throughout 2014.

– All work will be edited and revised by students before being submitted to a teacher.

– Blog comments need to be checked thoroughly before being posted.

– ICT equipment will be used appropriately at all times.

– Students will take responsibility of their own equipment and ensure they are always prepared with their workbooks, student diary, blue or black pen, red pen, grey-lead, eraser and 30cm ruler.

– Workbooks need a ruled red margin.

– The date will be written at the top of each piece of work.

 – Headings, sub-headings, questions and problems will be written with a red pen. All other pieces of writing will be completed with a blue or black pen.

– Writing must be legible.

– The use of textas and gel pens…

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Week Nine Homework Tasks

Morning or Evening All (depending on when you open the blog),

Welcome to your final homwork task for 2013.

I would just like to take this opportunity to say well done to you all on making it through the school year. I have enjoyed being your teacher this year and I’m really going to miss you next year! Luckily my change from being a 3/4 teacher to a 5/6 teacher means that I may be lucky enough to have some of you again next year. Yay.

As this is the final homework task for the year I have decided to give you two tasks to choose from. One is an English task and the other is a maths task. YOUR CHOICE!

ENGLISH TASK – Use the following 10 letters to makes as many words as you can. If you can work out the nine lettered word it counts as five words. The amount of auction dollars you get is determined by the amount of words you can find.


MATHS TASK – I live on a farm that has chickens and cows. I count all the animals feet and it adds up to 42 feet. Come up with 10 different combinations of chickens and cows that could have that many feet. For example (and you can’t use this as one of your ten) 10 cows and 1 chicken = 10 x 4 cows feet + 2 x 1 chicken feet = 40 + 2 = 42

Enjoy and I look forward to your posts.

Mr Price

Homework Task for Week Seven

Hi All,

Sorry for the late post….busy busy busy…correcting tests and writing your reports. Did I mention now is a really good time to be behaving yourself???

Your homework task for this week is to write me three number problems that involve either +, x, divide or – Try to make them real life problems that you may face in your own life. Here is an example question (generated from a China photo) you might like to try and answer!

If I had this many bags of spices and sold five bags to s merchant and swapped a merchant one bag of red spices for three bags of white spices, how many bags do I have left altogether?

If I had this many bags of spices and sold five bags to s merchant and swapped a merchant one bag of red spices for three bags of white spices, how many bags do I have left altogether?

When I see your posted mathematics problems I will work them out but you have to correct my answers. I’m not always right you know and you may find I make the odd mistake.

You wont get your auction dollars until you correct my answers!

Mr Price

Week Six – Camp Coolamatong

Hi Guys,

Welcome back to week six. Back to work after our week at school camp…actually back to testing! Sorry but it’s that time of the year again when we teachers go into overdrive and assess you all with a few different types of testing. So make sure you bring your brain to school this week and show me how smart you’ve all become!!! 🙂

The task for this week is to write down three things you enjoyed at Camp Coolamatong, two things you found challenging and something that you changed about yourself after being at the camp. Think long and hard before answering the questions!

Also take a look at the poll that’s added to the post and vote on your favourite activity at Camp Coolamatong!!


Mr Price

Halloween Task

Terrifying Pumpkins for Halloween

Describe the history of Halloween and where it originated from.

Tell us why we do trick or treating.

If you go trick or treating what would you like to receive and why?

What costume would you wear and why?

Mr Price and Mr Andrew

China Information and homework task for week 4

Hello Everyone,

I’m glad to be back at school after my visit to China. We saw some amazing things and had some fantastic experiences, including The Great Wall of China, Cloisonne Factory where different pots were made, different markets during the day and night, Beijing Acrobats, amazing architecture and canals and amazing people who were both friendly and giving. We thoroughly enjoyed our time at our sister school (Shi Mei P.S.) and met many wonderful teachers who were excited to talk to us about Australia and the way we teach!

Homework Task
Find five things in your home that you measure in volume measurements and five things you measure in mass/weight measurements. Remember to check the labels on cans and bottles carefully as these will tell you what they are measured in.

Auction Prize Money – competition ends this Friday 1/11/13
Don’t forget the competition to see who can find a base word and add the most prefixes and suffixes to it. There’s $100 in the auction book to the person that gives me the most words generated from one base word. Eg connect can have disconnet, reconnect, connected, connects, connecting…find the base word with the most parts you can add!!!

Stay tuned for some pictures of my adventures in China.

Mr Price

Welcome Back to Term Four and Week One and Two Homework Task

Good morning everyone!

Welcome back to term four…one of our busiest yet!

Lots happening this term, including:
My trip to China.
Finishing and presenting our inquiry unit into being Happy and Healthy
Our Grade three / four camp to Camp Coolamatong
Finding out what grade you’re in next year and who your new teacher will be???

My trip to China will mean that you will have Mrs Knowles (I think) from Thursday the 10th to Monday the 21st. I’ll be back on the 22nd with lots to show and tell you about China. If you guys are good for Mrs Knowles I may even have time to go shopping and find you some little souvenirs!!! I’ve asked Mrs Knowles to give you plenty of research time to find the answers to your essential questions and answers to the Happy Healthy Matrix.

Your homework task for week one and two is to do some of your own research on China. I would like to know five interesting facts about China which you can write into your post (which we’ll be adding to our China presentation we’ll be doing for the rest of the three/four unit) and three questions you’d like me to find out for you while I’m in China. All things going well I’ll be regularly checking our classroom blog while I’m in China.

I’m looking forward to my trip so that I’ll have lots to talk you about when I get back!

Mr Price

P.S. Make sure you are good for Mrs Knowles….yes you….you know who I’m talking about!! Make me proud kids. 🙂